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DJ intro's: what every DJ needs!

It is Friday night 9PM... You arrive at the club or party. You are the DJ hired and wired for the night! In your head you begin to plan out the upcoming show. You go through your playlist and scan some of your music. You are EXCELLENT at what you do! Every week, you showcase your talent and quite possibly, you were highly recommended by a friend to DJ at a party, wedding or special gathering! But, you still want to do more to plan out the most memorable evening or radio show that you possibly can.

How will you do that? Maybe it is that special remix that you found on the internet or in a deejay pool. It could also be that you just have that knack to feel the crowd by playing exactly the right songs to keep them busy on the dance floor. Now for one moment just think about it, what could possibly get the crowd more hyped up that a well done professional DJ intro?! Imagine how your audience will be impressed with the professionalism of your show. There is no question that your audience and listener base will grow and that you will be referred to more people who will need your DJ services at their next gathering or party.

But now how do you go about building a branded DJ intro? Well as you probably already know you need to begin by choosing your DJ name. This name needs to be mentioned in your intro of about 15 to 60 seconds a number of times. Next you need to choose a theme for your intro. This would include defining the genre of music that you play and the type of DJ that you are, so that you are able to warm up your audience and give them exactly what they expect! Once you have done this, it is time to choose a couple of songs or sounds that can be mixed in to your intro. Now we want to choose some fancy or funny liners that identify you as a DJ and the type of show that you do. For example; DJ SUN is emitting blasts of energy and rays to warm up your night OR DJ Bunny...keeping the crowd hopping like rabbits! Ok you do get the point right? Now put all those ingredients in a bowl mix it up with your favourite mixing software give it a touch of producer talent and you have the final result: Your very own personalised and branded DJ Intro.

You might say I can’t do that, I just don’t have the skill or the proper software to come up with something that would sound professional and even if I have a pro to do it; it will cost hundreds of dollars!

Well this may be true but if you feel this way why not hire my audio production services today, as a DJ and producer I have created hundreds of DJ intros for deejays around the world and have helped many radiostations with radio imaging. The result was stunning as both the DJ’s and audience were truly impressed and yes whilst an intro is worth hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars, I have kept my services entirely affordable starting at only 7.99$ Have a listen to some of my work and glance at what is offered on our website.

I truly hope that you contact me today and that we have an opportunity to work together shortly

Derek Bullard

CEO - Radiosolution
Skype: Dibblebee

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