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Developing a DJ or music show logo.

More and more DJ’s are making a career out of their hobby. It is one the fastest growing roles in the music industry. With so many up-and-coming DJ’s it can be challenging to find and maintain a loyal customer base. Having a DJ or music show logo can make a difference making your service recognisable, easier to promote and be one step ahead of the competition. Plus having your logo on merchandise like T-shirts, caps and other accessories does not only help with promotion in a popular and lucrative way, it will also generate extra revenue. Marketing your services with a logo will show professionalism. When you take yourself serious and show passion and dedication to your music, so will others.

When I design a logo I keep in mind that it should be versatile. It has to work across a variety of mediums and applications; websites, E-mail signatures, in small or big print; from letter heads to posters and banners. The design has to be simple; containing an unexpected or unique feature without being overdrawn. It should be memorable. It must demand attention, but not be offensive to the eye. It has to match the performer’s personal style, yet respect that styles adjust and develop like music does; it has to be timeless. Both the DJ, his or her clients and the fans should be proud to represent and or wear the logo. Plus the combination of shape, font, colour, and / or images must be appropriate. A pink balloon font will obviously not work on a hard rock DJ named KILLERBEE.

Together with my client I start with deciding whether the logo should be a word mark or a symbol. A word mark is when the logo is text based. A symbol based logo is usually an iconic graphic mark followed by simple text. For DJ’s I usually tend to go for a symbol based logo as they tend to be a bit more eye catching. When designing a symbol I try to create something that either literally represents the name, or what it stands for or does. Then I choose a font. For a text based logo I usually choose a more decorative font. For symbol based logo’s I do not want to draw the attention from the symbol and think the text should be more understated. Obviously the text should at all times be readable. Finally I create a color palette that supports the text, symbol and of course the overall brand. It is important that the logo will work printed on dark and light colors. That’s it in a nutshell.

At Radiosolution we go beyond setting you up with the technical aspects of online radio. It is our goal to provide excellent service and all the tools and help you could possibly need in order to make your music passion a success, weather you are a hobbyist or developing your own business in radio. Marketing and promotion design is one of those aspects we excel in. Contact us for a free consultation and we give you a custom quote, obligation free.

Debby Peetam

a.k.a TheBee (CEO
Creative Director Radiosolution & XLTRAX Radio Music Network (
Graphic & Web Designer - Artisan
Skype: debby.xltrax

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