My stream is cutting out or buffering

This is a classic issue many face as they broadcast live while maybe playing an online 3d game.

A broadcaster may face buffering or cutting out issues especially in the online 3d gaming community. At Radiosolution we maintain our servers at a very high level and monitor our servers 24/7. You may choose to ask a customer support specialist either after or before the suggested steps to determine if there is any network issue at our datacenter. You must realize that at Radiosolution our goal is to assist you and preserve you as a long term client, that is why we will assist you to find the root of the problem you may be facing.

Anyone who is preparing to broadcast must ensure on a daily basis that they are running free from spyware, malware, viruses and trojans. Many computers are infected today and most people don't even realize basing themselves on a false security that their software is protecting them. Recent surveys found that a whopping 80 percent of computers on the internet were infected or had been infected in some way. And what is more surprising is that 70 percent said they were not infected actually turned up some type of malicous program on their computer after they were scanned with the proper effective software.  Sometimes it may be necessary to use more than one type of scanning software. Ask a customer representative for the latest suggested programs.

Next you must assure that you have adequate speeds with your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Internet traffic works in 2 directions, upload and download. When you send your audio broadcast to our servers this is called uploading, then our servers broadcasts to your listeners. With most Residentiel internet connections it would be impossible to broadcast to more then 5 - 10 listeners at once if we didn't have fast servers in place. Check your speed at any given moment here
If you have upload speeds under 200k and play online games , download or do other activities you cannot expect to broadcast trouble free. 

Broadcasting audio requires more than just RAW speed, you also need to verify your ping in order to broadcast at a higher level. This can be verified here...

If you are not sure what to do with those numbers , contact a Radiosolution support specialist to assist you. 
Please note that if normally you don't face any issues and that your ISP is usually reliable, we suggest that you reboot your Cable or DSL modem along with your router for about 20 secs. Then plug back again your modem followed by your router. 

The last and final thing would be to do a Traceroute to the server. Internet Data is sent through a route of servers starting at your ISP all the way to the server. It's possible sometimes that a server in that route depending on your location in the world may be facing a problem. Trace routing or pinging the server maybe confirm that their is an issue if you notice High MS speeds. But remember since internet traffic is a 2 way street in order to pin point the exact issue it's necessary for us to traceroute to your IP in order to determine where the issue lies. Contact a Radiosoluton support specialist to assist you with these steps.

Sometimes if there is no solution to your issue because of issues in your network you can always lower your MP3 bitrate from 128kbps to 64kbps or even lower until you find an issue free encoding speed. Remember though that the sound quality of the stream will suffer unless you choose encode in an AAC+ format which can handle lower speeds and deliever high quality. Our streams currently support AAC+ but certain radio players don't. Again you may contact a Specialist to discuss your options.

As a recap

1- Scan for spyware, trojan, adware, viruses
2- Verify your Speed and Ping speed
3- Ask a customer support specialist for assistant to ping to and from the server 
4- Lower your mp3 encoding rate or switch to AAC+

Good luck and have fun!  

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