$8.95 USD
Radio Stream Monitoring
We monitor your Radio Stream 24/7
Email Alerts if server is not streaming or goes down
Email Recovery Alerts
*Can be integrated with any service Shoutcast, Icecast provider
$8.95 USD
Website monitoring
Monitor 24/7 your website domain name
Email alerts for up or down site
Recovery Email Alerts
$9.95 USD
Dedicated/VPS Server Basic Monitoring
Monitor your Dedicated or VPS server
Automatic Email alerts if up or down
*Can be integrated with any service provider
$50.00 USD
Dedicated Server Monitoring with Level 2 Support
We monitor your server 24/7,
Email Alerts if your server goes down,
Email Recovery Alerts,
Live Tech within 4 hours on a downed server
Maintenance and Updates
Monthly Backups