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How to make money with your own online radio station.


There are various benefits with having your own online radio station. You can be your own boss right from the comfortable surroundings of your home! You can play your personal favourite music for friends and family, promote your own band or be a promoter for others. How about becoming a significant informant and entertainer for your local community? With an online radio station you would easily expand your social, and if desired you’re professional, network, starting in your town ending at the other side of the world. It can start as a relatively cheap hobby and because of its endless possibilities that comes with being on the internet could result in a profitable business with tons of opportunities; one very important one: creating revenue!

Revenue through advertising is the most known one. The more popular you are, the more advertisers you will get and the more they will spend. Advertisers pay to have their ad in a banner on the stations website or to be heard on the station through On-Air Host mentioning, commercials or live reads. Also advertisers can sponsor events organized and hosted by the station that will not only bring you revenue, but also awareness for your own projects! You can offer to put up their banners plus you can hand out flyers promoting your radio station and its shows or events. When you reserve a spot for your advertisers these flyers pay for themselves!

There are also many affiliate programs you could sign up for. Google Affiliate Network offers a popular and reliable solution. It is a free program that makes it easy for you to connect with quality advertisers and get rewarded for driving conversions, but there are many other opportunities Another way to generate revenue is seizing additional e-commerce opportunities. You can add “buy now” buttons to your website and radio players, so that consumers can purchase albums, books, or products online from third parties, like Amazon. Or open your own online store selling your stations merchandise. There are free resources like and Ebay that make it easy and fun!

You can also set up music promotion for indie artists. Besides playing and promoting legal download of their latest single you can create awareness for their album and their online profile by placing linked banners and news.

We at can help you with every single solution mentioned in this article. We offer web and graphic design for your website and promotion material including that of your client’s. We present a wide variety of advertisement solutions to add to your online radio station, like fully featured radio players, advanced banner rotation, Content Managing Systems to effortlessly add and update news bulletins, schedules and banners. We have set up many of our radio station clients with profitable affiliate programs and E-commerce solutions, varying from linking systems to fully operation online stores.

Finding radio solutions is what we are good at, what we have done for over 13 years and the main reason why we are known for our customer’s loyalty. Our client’s stay with us and become our friends because we help them with their music passion, their radio station and their income!

Contact us today and find out how easy and fast you can become a successful online radio station owner.

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