How to broadcast with Virtual DJ

BROADCASTING WITH VDJ is pretty easy to configure, though it does not have as many options as SAM, this just increases the simplicity. Here's a small tutorial in a tutorial.
a) You go to the "Record" tab, where this is located depends of your skin.
b) When you have found the "Record" tab, you click the "Broadcast" button.
c) You see 2 buttons: "CONFIG..." and "START RECORDING". Click on "CONFIG..."
d) A new window opens. These are the settings I use. (This means there are other configurations possible!)
Record From: Master / Auto-Start ON / Shoutcast (MP3) / The encoder should be filled in correctly standard* / Bitrate 64 Kbs / Broadcast to a radio server / server details, have to be entered here)
*If it's not filled in, browse to your VDJ folder and select the file "lame_enc.dll".To record, you need to have the Lame mp3 encoder in the Virtual DJ program file folder.

Download and unzip in the VDJ folder located at either c:\programfiles\virtualdj for version 4.3 nad below or my documents\virtualdj for version 5 and up.
e) Press OK in this window. You are now ready to start broadcasting. To do so: click "START RECORDING".
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