Using microphone + Decks

Learn how to configure settings and use Soundcard input to broadcast with external devices and microphone.

1- Open Winamp Program and click on the little logo at the top left of the program this will bring up Winamp menu

2- From the menu choose Options then Preferences , this will bring up the preference box, from Plugins choose DSP/Effects

3- Select Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP, this will bring up SHOUTcast Source

4- Select the input tab, select the combo drop down box under Input device and choose soundcard input 

5- This will bring up more options, make sure under Mic input microphone is selected and then you can click on Open Mixer, the Recording control box will open

6- Make sure, depending on the brand and make of soundcard the you have selected Line in or Stereo Mix or Wav out, basically its what you hear (always make sure all your windows or instant message alerts are turned off or they will be broadcasted over the air)

7- Close down the audio windows and then click push to talk button 

8- Click the output tab and connect to your server

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