How to broadcast with DSP Shoutcast

How to broadcast using Winamp and the DSP plugin

1. Download and install Winamp from this URL adress (get the free full version):

2. Download and install Winamp BE A DJ plugin from this URL address:

3. Run Winamp and goto Preferences --> Plugins

4. Select DSP/Effect --> Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP.

5. A new window will pop-up called SHOUTcast Source.This is where the
streaming server connection is setup and where you control the
broadcast. (Note: You can click "Close" on the Prefences window and
the SHOUTcast Source window will stay open.)

6. Click the Output tab. You will need to type in the Adddress, Port,
and Password that we give you on this tab once you are setup to
broadcast from our servers. This won't change as long as you have an
account with us.

7. Click the Encoder tab. Select MP3 Encoder and 64kbps 22.050kHz stereo (or choose the mp3 encoder that best suits the quality you are looking to achieve)
(Please note depending on your bandwith available especially streaming and playing secondlife you might want to lower this)

8. If you will not be using a microphone to talk during your
broadcast, you can skip this step! If you are planning on using a
microphone, there's just one more thing to set up. Click on the Input
tab. Change your Input Device to Soundcard Input and Input Settings to
22050Hz, Stereo. The rest can pretty much be left alone, but you can
play with them later. This sets you up so that whatever your computer plays
through its soundcard (including your turntables) will be broadcast to your
guests. Whenever you want to use your microphone, click the Push to
Talk button on this tab.

8. URL to administor is:   http://url:port

9. When you are ready to begin broadcasting, you open Winamp, Load in your music 
The Shoutcast Source box will pop up that you did the setup stuff in.
You simply click connect on the Input tab and you are up and running.

**Please Note our servers are also compatible with Sam The broadcaster and most all the broadcasters supporting SHOUTcast Streaming Servers, 

Shoutcast is Free and available , all other software used will be the responsabilty of the client, Dibblebee's Music Services takes no responsabilty for the software used or the content that is streamed

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